Business Introduction

Team Introduction

SHUI Yadong - Chairman

well-known business administration coach of China, brand positioning expert,the specially invited lecturer in the advanced research class of enterprise competitiveness of Tsinghua University, 10 years in the intellectual property industry, Open up the O2O model of intellectual property industry. Have rich experience in management.

REN Guanju - Bingoip CEO Chief intellectual property Consultant

Nanjing University-Master of Science in Biology, more than 10 years in the intellectual property industry,served in the State Intellectual Property of the P.R.C, has been engaged in enterprise intellectual property management service, deep knowledge of intellectual property, well-known processes of intellectual property, the author of Classic of industrial patent analysis.

XU Changlong - Bingoip CTO

Computer science and Technology Major MBA of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Worked in UF software,in the ERP industry research and development; as a large life service O2O enterprise architect, director of research and development; He has led the development of software in many industries, such as intellectual property, life service, and so on. O2O domain experts, there is an in-depth research of the integration of O2O services and technology.

CUI Haijiang - Bingoip Chief legal officer, lawyer

A Bachelor of law, Peking University. Has worked in China's well-known and Sino-foreign joint venture law firms. Dealing with a large number of non litigation and litigation cases, and in the BTV5 "city" column as an expert lawyer to answer the question, has published essays in a number of media and magazines. He has taken more focus on intellectual property trade in recent years,has agent a large number of unfair competition or infringement cases, has the in-depth research of the administrative and judicial cognizance of the "well-known trademark"